Friday, October 10, 2014

Untold Brainardsville Oblivion: Episode 003

Oblivion Quarantine Session 003 by Esotronika on Mixcloud


Soundpaths (Abakus Mix) -- This is a work I created around 1989 using a Casio CZ-1 synthesizer and a Revox tape delay system. This remix utilizes a track by Abakus.

Look Out, Liberals & Leftists (GS Hillbilly Mix) -- The original was created in 2004 using radiaL; this remixed version features samples by Marvin "Veg" Hoy.

Dead Air -- This is an ambient track based on a recording I made while on tour with the Navy Band in South America, 1980.

Hear Your Momma Talkin' (DJ Hell Acid Mix) -- This is another piece originally created with radiaL in 2004.

Smokem' Owlyout -- I think I composed this back around 2001. It's basically a sonata.

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